HOW I LOOK BACK WHEN I TOOK MY FIRST PACKI still remember how I was packing in my room before my first season. Ambivalent feelings mixed inside me. I was excited, but a kind of fear filled my heart, too. I had no idea what to count on. Leaving home, family, friends, and go away for half year to the far away unknown? Am I crazy, or am I genius? I was like an enchanted child when the plane took off with me, who has no idea, what exactly wants. ...continue

What profits do this job have?– The daily sport keeps you fit! After every seasons at home, I can grow back my pillowed belly in perfect calmness, by drowning and sinking into my mom’s home-made delicious foods and tempting sweets, because I know well, during the next season it will disappear again like a white dog in the fog! Other people pay for this. At worst case for a doctor, muhahaha…– Every evening you can feel the spotlight on th ...continue

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